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Hey guys!
So you've probably heard of the Sender Man, recently became famous on the internet, but hes been out a while (infact, hes behind you)
So me and my friends started to make a Slender Man comic series, some will be realistic-ly drawn, some hand drawn and then the most common one, MS paint drawn (But now like the badly animated Memes though ;))
Were non profit and so we have problems building an audience, so if you interested check out our Facebook page ( alot of work went into writing them and if you liked them then like our page please.
Also for the record I got permission off Mikeasaurus before writing this

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twilightfox2 years ago

I have not heard of the Sender Man sorry

Thergox5 years ago
I don't get the last one -- but the others are pretty funny.
Cyclone1764 (author)  Thergox5 years ago
Its not about the slenderman, its a different story called jeff the kiler, he stares at you as you sleep, and when you wake up he says "go to sleep" and then tries to kill you

Why yo givin' him nightmares

Plo Koon4 years ago
Hey everybody, if u like Slenderman, check out my forum: Horror Stories and Poems