Slideshow isn't working

I just created my first slideshow at .  I can see the pictures in the edit mode, but the slideshow doesn't seem to work at all in preview mode or by going to the slideshow page after it's published.  Any ideas?

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The Jamalam7 years ago
This happens sometimes. I don't know why, but I think it might have something to do with image format?
Not a problem with image formats, just a problem with caching on our severs.  If anyone else has any other trouble, just tell them to contact me.  Should be getting fixed in the next release.
noahw7 years ago
Your problem has been fixed!
davewking (author) 7 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas on this?  I'd be happy to try anything, different picture fomats or whatever.  I've already tried some different picutre formats and haven't had any luck, but I feel like I'm just guessing.  The slideshow is in a contest that started today and I feel like I'm at a disadvantage without the slideshow working . . .

its doing that to me too, if you find out whats up, please let me know
davewking (author)  _-MacGyver-_7 years ago
 Looks like yours is working, cool idea, mine's still not working for me at least . . . did you do anything to get yours working or was it fixed by the instructables staff?
i cant see your slideshow, i cant see mine either, but Im glad you can.  I saw your video, thats epic!

i think the insctructables moderating staff staff might have something to do with it.  they sent me a message, something about slideshow pending approval
davewking (author)  _-MacGyver-_7 years ago
Intersting, I got an email that said my Gingerbread contest entry was pending approval, but not my slideshow.  Yours is still working from me, it's awesome, I guess I hadn't watched the whole slideshow before, i thought it was just the Enterprise.  It even got featured!  As for mine being epic, it was definately an epic fail as far structural engineering goes (it was loud when it fell apart, I heard it from the next room where I was lookin for a pen to put write my username on a piece of paper for the contest), but it was fun to make.

I've heard that sometimes there are problems getting the slideshow out to all of instructables serves, so one might have it working, and the others might not for a day or so.  Yours has worked for me every time, so who knows.