Slimmest Repeating Folding Gun

Alright I've always wanted to make a folding gun that worked and looked decently. However, it would probably have been ignored if it didn't bring anything new to the table. I wanted to give this one a horizontal magazine but then there wouldn't have been enough room for other stuff like the handle. I said screw that and just went with a normal magazine.

So far this is the slimmest design for a folding gun that repeats. A smaller one could be made but I'm starting off simple before playing the nanogun game. A nice bonus is that it doesn't have any blue rods sticking out so it is actually possible to fit it in your pocket if you're wearing big enough pants.

It fires. Decently depending. Has a 4 round oodammo magazine. I don't really care for the handle but it works. The way the bands are set up, it doesn't require a lock though it doesn't automatically unfold either. Just flip out the stock and it'll stay out then you pull down the handle.

Edit: Alright video up. This version fires oodammo.

Picture of Slimmest Repeating Folding Gun
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ryry20117 years ago
se read the gordanfrohman person and se.
I got it buit i was just missing details, i filled them in
Lowney7 years ago
ryry20117 years ago
no one cares about the alternating pattern .ITS TRUE
TheDunkis (author)  ryry20117 years ago
Dude, just because you don't have anything better to do with your life doesn't mean you should stick around here and troll. I don't care about what you have to say. This gun is old and done with. Move on.
ryry20117 years ago
dude it sucks badly
TheDunkis (author)  ryry20117 years ago
Cool story, bro
Hey Im having trouble building this. If any one can, send me better pics. please do that if youve built this
sam89897 years ago
i made this from pics, folds quite nicley. 4 round mag is good enough for suprise attacks. one thing, (may have been my bands) it didnt seem to fire far ( a metre or two perhaps) but other wise i loved it, but had to put it in to another little project 4*
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