Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech

Just a mech I made a while ago. Makes for a much more piece efficient slingshot with more power (more barrel length). Makes for a great cross section too.

Picture of Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech
Bullpup Gun 005.jpg
Bullpup Gun 003.jpg
Bullpup Gun 001.jpg
Bullpup Gun 002.jpg
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DJ Radio7 years ago
Looks awesome! Is this your first non replica?
Trauts (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Lol pretty much everything other than what i've posted as 'ibles are non-replicas. I don't like them that much cause they don't fire as well as they could. But looks are sweet to have.
DJ Radio Trauts7 years ago
By the way, where are you now?
Trauts (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Just floating around. I dunno a little buzzed atm... but it's 12 something here and i'm tired as anything. I don't really build much anymore. I'm in that contest by 22222222something so mabye that will re-kindle my interest so to speak.
DJ Radio Trauts7 years ago
whoa, that was a fast reply from you....
The Jamalam7 years ago
Really cool, looks very reliable. However, I prefer the sipriani ratchet.
travw7 years ago
I like it! However, something similar has been done before.
bounty10127 years ago
awesome, although, doesnt look too much like a bullpup.
Trauts (author)  bounty10127 years ago
No magazine
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