Slowing down a computer fan for miniature terrain

Hey all,
Kind of new to doing these things but i have a question. I want to slow down a 80mm fan so it spins really slowly. I will use this for a display board for wargaming miniatures (warhammer 40k). My question is i know how to connect a 9v battery to the fan and get it to run with a switch but how would i go about having it go really slow. If i put a resister in will that work and if so which one to use



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Get a low ohm put and adjust it to the speed you prefer.
what is the impedance of the motor.
I am not sure. I will have to check but its a regular 80mm fan from a computer
I think you will like this circuit I tested it for two hours and nothing got hot.

The fan can slow down so slow you can see it turning, at slow speeds it is stop and go.

You can get the datasheets here,

You can get the components here,

Always get extra parts just so if you mess up you have the parts to fix it.
Motor Regulator.bmp001.JPG
Wow thanks a lot. I am definitely going to grab the parts and try it out
fwonkas4 years ago
You might try using a potentiometer instead of a resistor. That way you can adjust its speed as needed.
the real axl rose (author)  fwonkas4 years ago
which one should i try and how does that get wired in?
I'd probably try using a 10K linear potentiometer. Just use it like a resistor — use the middle leg and one of the outside legs. There are some that work on breadboards, like this:
fwonkas fwonkas4 years ago
Oh, and I think you'd connect the middle leg to the other outside, unused leg as well.