Slowly but very very surely going nuts from workshop withdrawal.

I had surgery on my right shoulder two weeks ago & am looking at least another month before I can even lift a saw let alone pound away at anything with a hammer.
I have a ton of those springtime jobs around that any other time would take me an afternoon at most to do.
There is a nice big pile of timber salvaged from a lovely neighbor up the road who has finally finished her two year building project I could be building all sorts of things for the garden with.
I at last got some of my book collection back from my ex but I can't so much as make a bookend let alone the shelves they deserve so Dickens & Homer are stacked on the bedroom floor with Wordsworth & Chaucer.
I picked up a new vice for my workbench a day before the surgery & it is sitting on the bench taunting me, I can almost hear it whispering "come on fit me to the bench I dare you" "just let your better half catch you with a spanner in your hand then you will catch it won't you?"

This is too much for an active mind to bear & I am going nuts!!!!!!!!

But on the upside.................
In a few weeks I will have plenty of jobs to do that will take me an afternoon at most so they won't overstrain my healing shoulder.
I will have a nice big pile of salvaged timber with which I can build lots of new things for our garden; I may well start with a new hammock frame after all I could do with a good rest :-)
Bear in mind that this is England so I will have a good amount of rainy summer days I will have at least one job I can get done in the house as I have some book shelves to design & build after all Dickens & Homer & their friends Wordsworth & Chaucer may well be re-united with their old pals Verne, Twain & Hugo if they eventually get here so they will need plenty of space.
And of course I will be able to silence the voice in my head from that vice sitting idle on the bench & put it to work; LOTS of work.
I do love summer so very much OH HAPPY HAPPY DAYS!!!

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Nostalgic Guy,

I've been there with the injury thing, no fun!!! I had a serious knee operation and couldn't go to the range to shoot in competition for four months, I thought I'd go nuts! Tell you what, I'm a writer (action based fiction and the like) go to my author site ( ), and look over the books listed there, find something you like (or two or three) and I'll send them as PDF files to you to read for free until you're mobile again. At least reading (or writing) made the time go easier until I was up and on my feet again. (At least if your reading your better half won't get angry with you!) Mine caught me hopping one footed around the place to sort of work on a Harley Evo engine "to kill some time", and she chewed me out no end.
Just need some place to send the books you pick, get well, and know all the fun is coming, just delayed a bit. My email is
Do you shoot with your legs? : D
In a sense yes, I shoot competitive pistol which means you have to move over a specific course, some times at a run. Even in most competitions very little is done from the bench or prone position, so sound legs are vital.
Nostalgic Guy (author)  trike road poet6 years ago
I got into trouble the other day for connecting a garden hose to a spray head, the quick connect type you just snap on.
Fortunately my physio has said that I can now take off the sling for short periods daily so long as I don't over do it & I don't actually lift anything, it doesn’t really make much difference but at least it feels like a step in the right direction.
About 25 years ago I had a bad accident on a motorcycle & sidecar resulting in my other arm spending three months in a sling, in spite of the protests of my girlfriend at the time the bike was rebuilt as was the sidecar within seven weeks of my getting home, what really annoyed her was the day I came home with a Honda CB400NA my left hand was in a polycarbonate cast but I could still ride a bike with an automatic gearbox :-)
Thanks so much for the offer of something to read, I will take a look at your site & email you off site.

Honus6 years ago
I feel your pain. The shop where I work was destroyed last month by a fire that started in the restaurant next door. While there wasn't any fire damage everything was completely flooded by the fire department so the entire shop had to be dismantled down to the wall studs. About $10K in tools were ruined. All in all we were pretty lucky as it could have been a lot worse. March was a very interesting month...

Should have the shop up and running in a couple of weeks.
Nostalgic Guy (author)  Honus6 years ago
Hope it is all up and running smoothly for you ASAP :-)
Funny how women don't seem to see the healthy, even healing quality to messing with a motorcycle! :^)
Nostalgic Guy (author)  trike road poet6 years ago
I bet they would get it if there was soft lighting, pastel shades on the walls, scented engine oils & some pretentious jerk charging them £200 a day to "engage in mechanical release therapy" ;-)
Kiteman6 years ago
You'll have to take up something smaller-scale for a while.

Solder something.

Switch to paper crafts, or whittling.

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