Slushie machine

I got this slushie maker from a friend and I'm gonna have so much fun with it :D
But there are two things that is a little disappointing with it
1. only holds 32oz (ca 1 litre) of servable slushie
2. The engine is too loud

ok I know it's cheap 399.90 SEK so approximately $57 compared to the store-sized once that goes for 4000SEK for the cheapest ones. But the all-in-all-size is great and relatively portable.

So I had this idea of making the ice-container smaller by some how adding a cooling system, either to the floor of the main container or inside the ice container itself. First idea for this was to use USB-driven cooler but don't think they're cold enough unless you do some serious tweaking. This will also have the ice-mix lasts longer so a win-win in my opinion especially when you need the ice for other drinks.

And for the engine? That's where I really need the help most of all. Can I silence it some how? Or should I go for a new one?

Grateful for any and all kinds of ideas. Maybe links for i'bles or similar questions?

Kind regards Osquar

Picture of Slushie machine
Replacing or making the ice container smaller is a nice idea and a peltier cooler may help keep things cool. Don't get the USB kind get the strait up peltier cooler that will run off 12V. You will need a sizable heat sync for it since the back side gets very hot. So you'll want to have the hot side near the outside of the machine so the heat sync can get the airflow it needs and not heat up your contents. You may need to set up an additional box off the back of the machine that holds the peltier and a small water pump. Then have a loop of copper pipe going from the cooler into the ice chamber. With the pump circulating the cold water through the system.

If you want to help silence the motor then open it up unit up and see how the motor is mounted. Anything you can do to make the mount more sturdy so there is less vibration will help a lot. Also you can reduce the noise by surrounding the motor with sound dampening material. Just make sure the motor is still getting adequate air flow to keep it cool.

With what you'll probably end up spending to achieve your goals for the machine you could by a better machine with the features you want.
Osquar (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
darnit, suspected as much :( would've been much for fun making it yourself but in this case I better start saving up then

Thanks for the answer :)