New Low-piece Crossbow

I was building crossbows all over the place this weekend, at one moment I had one that was twice as large as the Reaper, but I lacked pieces to make it sturdy. This started out as a low amount of pieces Reaper, but I eventually made it a small crossbow which has about 80-95% of the Reapers power. Although it has the power and probably also the distance, it doesn't have a double arrow trigger(only one arrow) and I don't think it is able to fire properly without trigger. It is however, compared to the Reaper very practical, light and easy to fire/load. Btw there are 4x3 rubberbands on it in pictures. I don't know if I am going to post this one though, maybe if its really needed :P

Picture of New Low-piece Crossbow
Crossbow 002 (Medium).jpg
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how do you make it ?
matstermind9 years ago
come on post it already!!!!!!
Wicky (author)  matstermind9 years ago
Then I will have to make a new one(small ofc)...but this time I will actually post it..sorry to have you waiting for so long : |
thanks. your reaper is the best cross bow on this site.
matstermind9 years ago
when are you going to post? you said some where around may 10. can you give me an estimate of when you are going to post?
Doctor Who9 years ago
can you please post?
Storm9509 years ago
Yeah man please post!
plz post
bigt46169 years ago
huh, not bad. mabe you sould put some braces on the bar. P.S. i put on 8 rubberbands on the reaper and it shot(guestimating) 50 yards! thats with the pircing arrow(i lost it somewhare between over the camper and in the woods LOL
Wicky (author)  bigt46169 years ago
Yours can still fire piercing arrows? Did you already made your Reaper longer and put at least chains of 4 rubberbands on it? I think it greatly increases its power :P
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