Small Foldable Crossbow + Side Project

1st Image: This is what the current prototype looks like, when unfolded. It can pierce through a piece of cardboard using its 1x3 rubber band string. It actually is pretty sturdy, although he blue flexi's could be considered exotic pieces =/

2nd Image: This is what it looks like when folded up, when the 4 blue flexi rods are made loose, it will try to fold up.

3rd,4th,5th Images: This is what I made in an attempt to make a crossbow even stronger, this one uses 8 strings of 5 rubber bands; 2 strings per wheel. It currently does not have a trigger and it is not possible to fire it without it, because it is impossible to draw back.

Picture of Small Foldable Crossbow + Side Project
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shane01377 years ago
wicked could you please create an instructable of the mini bow plz its is so cool
os. i love the reaper
ajleece8 years ago
Awwww.... Look at the pwitty little cwossbow!
Wicky (author)  ajleece8 years ago
Don't underestimate it; it tears through cardboard quite nicely
travw Wicky8 years ago
Wicky (author)  travw8 years ago
I think about the same as the V2.
travw Wicky8 years ago
Cool, thanks.
ajleece Wicky8 years ago
I bet it does.
thanks(i can find the reply buttion)
hmmmm good can you post some pics of the under sid and side?
Wicky (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
Hmm second one is a bit blurry but should do, feel free to improve it; as it was build in 30 minutes.

1st= right bow arm front view
2nd= right bow arm back view
3rd= bottom view
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