Small LCD Display 6-8 inches- recommendation needed.

Hello - I need a recommendation for a small LCD display for my headless linux box when it crashes, or if I wanted to use the linux box and the small monitor as a digital photo frame since I leave the linux box on all the time anyhow. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, -Joe

Parallax sells this little OLED serial (I think) display. It's only 1.5 inches though.
PKM9 years ago
If you want an uber-simple (well.. hmm, actually that's a bit misleading) text-only terminal for your headless lunix machine, there's one here. Mmm, one line text terminal...
westfw9 years ago
If you have one of the newer video cards featuring some sort of composite-video output (usually s-video), you can use a portable DVD player or one of the LCD monitors aimed at letting kids play their favorite video games in the car. The resolution will suck, of course...
PKM9 years ago
There's a post about this subject over on hackaday. The comments might have some good ideas- the standard solution is the PSOne LCD, because it has component or composite or whatever that type of video is called.