Small power source

I was planning to make LED jewelery, but would need a very small power source.
In the best case it could be powered by the body's movement.

Is there anything small enough to bit on a wrist, yet can power about 10 LEDs?

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 I would use a car battery
Just kidding unless you are trying to kill yourself
Probably a watch battery and there are some amazingly thin & small ones

car battery=12v . He will do not kill himself, in any case. When you don't know, don't speak.
lemonie8 years ago
Yes, these things:
40x35x6 mm, 760mAh 3.7V


revelae8 years ago
you could use a charging system like in "Shake it like a Tic-Tac"

although, there is some debate in the comments about how to wind the coil, how much to wind, etc.
itsthatsguy8 years ago
yes, and no, if you mean super small, you could light 10 led's for up to 10 seconds, if you mean liek watch battery size, then ya a cfew hours of use.
DemonDomen (author) 8 years ago