Smallest RC remote possible

I haven't a clue where to begin. I'm trying to find or make the smallest RC thingie as possible with a single button remote. Can anyone please help. It would need to fit into a tube slightly larger than a tube of chapstick. I'm guessing a receiver of some type and a switch for the button cell batteries. Powered by 1.5 dc. Nothing fancy, just to turn on and off the power.

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. You might be able to take a keychain transmitter (eg, remote car door locks), remove the case, and fit it all in there.
or keychain flashlight with white led (there is not bad space inside and atleast 4.5 V supply) + put IR led instead of the white + SMT N555 timer chip and few resistors will fit ok in there
A 555 can not output a non-linear pattern. To do that you would need a micro-controller. Also, white LEDs have a different forward-voltage then IR LEDs. You would have to add a resistor to it, for it to work.
for a remote that can transmit only one kind of signal you dont need anything other than square wave. the IR led needs resistor so add it btw you can get some curved triangular wave on the capacitor in the 555 circuit. if you dont want the 555 to 'feel' it add opamp in the way
I think I phrased my response a bit weird. So let me try again: With a 555 you can only transmit a regular, repeating, single pattern. It can't change over time. So, it couldn't act like a transmitter for a garage because they send actual code over it. For example, Garage Door Opener vs. 555: Door Opener: _ _ _ _ _| |___| |_| |____| |_ vs. 555: _ _ _ _ _| |_| |_| |_| |_
Padlock Padlock9 years ago
That last bit turned out wrong. Just ignore it.
coded signal like you showed is usefull if you want the remote to send different signals when pressing different buttons you want to make building another remote complicated (when used as key) in the case when you want the simplest thing with button there is no need in coded signal - just a fixed frequency flickering IR LED
Oh okay. I didn't know he needed only one button.
westfw9 years ago
Look for the "albin" receiver...
A fair number of people are using the receivers/transmitters from those "micro rc cars." Not usually the form factor of a tube of chapstick, but less overall volume, more than one channel, and already put together...

OnCrowsWings (author)  westfw9 years ago
That may be what I need. Thank you for the info. I'll be finally making an instructable if this turns out right.. Now all I have to do is find the receiver...
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