Smallest Truegger Gun

I made this just for lols. You could probably make this design even smaller or make another design that's smaller. I'd explain it to you but I'm sure you have the 8 pieces required to make this and the 10 seconds to put it together. Surprisingly it gets like a good two meters. Maybe a last move of desperation in battle? Say you're going to ally with someone and as you're about to shake ha--BAM! lolz lik omgz uber pwnge.

Picture of Smallest Truegger Gun
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An Villain7 years ago
I built something like this once, except those red connectors were green connectors.
1825157 years ago
LOL! viewed, read and built in under 20 seconds.
~Aeronous~8 years ago
 oh i had an idea, make tons of these then put them in a mag, and that way you could have one hundred percent semi auto awesomeness
TheDunkis (author)  ~Aeronous~8 years ago
Yeah I already did. I take it my topic hasn't shown up yet. Click my name and go to my most recent forum post.
 you serious? ive been trying but i havent been able to figure out how to get rid of the shells. oh and im working on a shotgun, with shells 2. im a bit stuck
He already did that.
Seleziona8 years ago
 how does it work?
TheDunkis (author)  Seleziona8 years ago
Magic. It summons a level 62 warlock king to cast spr awsm pwng ray of doom that snaps off the blue connector and shoots it 5 bajillion awesometers to mars.
i thought it would summon a level 67 water god, spray a fantasy blast of bonerific magic, snapped off the yellow connector and flies around like a homing missle :( I wasn't right... (cries like a little 2 year old) 
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