Smash labs

I'm watching smash labs andbheres what I have to say: How do they get enough money for all that they use? They smashed dozens of cars, completely covered a trailer home in carbon fiber, and all that stuff?!? Plus I don't like the girl she talks to people like they're idiots.

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
they don't prove anything. they half ass everything, and they dumb it all down. I'm very disappointed in discovery this year, by that I mean with their new shows. "some assembly required" is the only show that's new and doesn't suck, and even at that it's just a dirty jobs clone, without all the bad puns. Fight quest is just like human weapon, only fight quest sucks and isn't on history channel. And smash labs is like the retarded insest cousin of mythbusters. very disappointed...
l0cke9 years ago
I've seen this show twice and yeah, I'd watch it if it was on. I think in the train episode the accelerometer had an arduino inside it.
Goodhart9 years ago
You might think of Smash Labs as the Red Neck version of Mythbusters, eh ?
almost makes you pity the actors on that show, making a fool out of themselves
Oh I don't know. They probably knew they were getting into a "dumbed done" gig.
This is an amusing read smash lab sucks
Amusing, how? Truthful, skewed, obvious, what?! TELL US!
How? because if I'd said boring, no one would have clicked he link.
I would have...
boring link
I clicked the boring link, and guess what... it was boring... I would have been upset had that link been misleading.
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