Smoke Bombs

Alright I'm a dude who lives in the middle of nowhere...USA...i need some household chemicals to make an awesome smoke bomb. please help..!

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JACKBARRY5 years ago
i need this i live in australia and i heard if you put the stuff indide a pingpong ball it amplifies the effects, is this true?
EASY and way simple !!!!
    1.get potassium nitrate (which is stump remover).
    2. get sugar
    3.mix with the ratio,     6/8 : potassium nitrate/ sugar (it is very important that you do i t by by volume not weight!!!!!!!).
    4.mix thoroughly.
    5.get desired amount then light and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is the easier way. put a paintball in foil and put a fuse in it and throw it
batonas6 years ago
the best smokebomb recipe I know 2 parts citric acid (not real but the flavorig called citric acid) 3parts KNO3, put it in a pan add few drops of water to get it damp and cook on low heat it till water evaporate about 10min stir all the time
11ericg7 years ago
look up stump remover and and suger i tried it and it works like crazy.
jgore1 11ericg6 years ago
The main ingredient (and sometimes the only ingredient) in most older stump removers is Potassium Nitrate (KNO3).
mrfishy7 years ago
i plan on like inventing a game where i can use a smoke bomb to escape my persuers, along with other gadgets, and i'd like to know chaoscampbell, is there a way i could use it in the woods? like maybe some sort of shell to contain the flames...
Paintball in the woods with smoke bombs. Sounds idyllic. Borax and water makes a good flame retardant coating, but there's no way to fully conceal a flame and still have the bomb work. Fire needs continuous oxygen and all that. Day after rain maybe.
Not to be contradictory, but as I understand it the potassium nitrate is the oxidizer for the sugar fuel in this instance. Any flame proof container with a hole large enough for the smoke to escape will work.

Also, assuming the container is able to maintain a positive pressure in relative relation to its surrounding or an equillibrium, the reaction would even work underwater, or in outer space.

Mrfishy, remember not to litter please.
wow, it's been forever since i was on here. trashed my game idea. it was a lot more complicated than i thought it would be. however, i still want to use this recipe in the woods for airsoft. (planning to get a 450 fps sniper rifle). i figure i could use the recipe, and work a long fuse into it, and a plastic or metal tube around that, so from above it would look something like this, ()= tube *= fuse, (*)
then i would seal the rest of it of with foil or something so that only the fuse, and tube are exposed to the air. then i can light the fuse, cook it off for a little while, and throw it. Would this work?
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