Smoke bombs that explode on contact --- contest

i have decided to make a contest to see who can truly make a smoke bomb that will explode on contact with the ground no madder what part of it hits the ground. it will be graded on - ingenuity - ease to make - artistic beauty (yes it does count [just not as much]) - best instructions - safest (this grading spec will only be used if there is a tie for first place) - creativity and finally - how destructive it is you have until the end of August to turn in instructables to the destructables group

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thread nercomancy hehe but for real the best one is kno3 and sugar or black powder mixed with stike any where match heads if done right it is great
PS: Peeled Estes Booster painted or dipped with a bit sensitive NaClO3 and red P touch explosive you can water down with floury shit and fine sand also I think. And You can also make a magic wand of LOOSE COARSE Black powder and just pull a string. Or you can make hollow clay balls with big holes and bake at pottery club. Put a NaNO3 blackpowder for best smoke you can breathe of course and a touch explosive on a outside of inside, plug with epoxy. Throw or sling the big ones, slingshot the small ones. Why not fill the whole thing up with a giant prill of NaClO3 + red P? You go deaf I promise. We can schendt a retard into schpace! He will make a fearlessch Kosmonaut! Or for best results fill 20 liter STEEL drum intended for the hydrocarbon liquids up with LOOSE 3:2 by WEIGHT KNO3 Sugar and make sure it has a nice tight lid. You can dump it off the back of a truck! Carry it in a pram! Take it to your fathers wedding! Ride it to the zoo! And remember, the better the nice small hole (2cm) with excellent seal on lid, the better the smoke! With good seal 1/2 Rugby League Field they measure smoke in AUS.
htex7 years ago
i have read this whole conversation not b.cus of boredom but due to the fact of how intresting it was/is y dont ya' just agree to disagree? i belive that we all have diffrent point of views and all of this can change by experiance and such u ppl are very intelectual indivdiuals but y argue of how one choses to teach or how some1 has learn or the way some1 chose to live their lives? live and let live we can influence n teach but not every1 is willing to learn you can't fill a cup thats already full we should b happy wit wat we know n try to progress n be glad that there is still ppl that have the same concepted in mind great philosophy(depending on point of view, at least that's how i see it) even if it's from slightly diffrent views im still young in the concept of life and i understand i dont understand all but i'm willing to learn from everything and every1 peace :]
titsmagee10 years ago
how about tri-iodide. Its a contact explosive that you can look up on google. E-mail me at it up
master-of-chaos (author)  titsmagee10 years ago
it would go off in you hand because it is to sensitive and also we went through this here i had the same idea
If you make ammonium tri-iodide paste, it is nice and stable. You paint it somewhere where it will have time to dry before it is disturbed, then when it is disturbed, you get a nice crack, a puff of smoke and a big purple stain.
Hmm, I am trying to find out if this is the same stuff I had experience with in a mid-school chem class. The thing I remember is though, that the crystals were so unstable that even a certain amount of warmth would set them off (a few discreatly placed crystals around a room could make a teacher a little upset). Is this the same thing or do I have something else in mind? If I could remember the book I got it out of I might be able to say for sure. *sigh*
master-of-chaos (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
thats nitrogen triiodide (as long as they were black to purple)
Hmm, is that made with ammonium and iodine crystals ?
master-of-chaos (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
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