Smoke bombs that explode on contact

my idea is as follows

have an outer layer
then inside that is a layer of a shock reactant chemical or substance
then another very thin shell
then the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bomb

the way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the first chemical to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated hole

my example and original idea includes Nitrogen Triiodide and the regular smoke bomb mixture

ps. if you want to know how to make these things go to for nitrogen triiodide for the smoke bomb

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Dlbierner2 years ago

And in all honesty, I hated chemistry. I just want to make him stop

I just want to note that home made explosives are illigal in any modern country these days.

The nitrogen triiodie is classified as a class A explosive in most countries I know, requiring a licence to even buy it, let alone store and use it.

I highly doubt anyone here asking for explosives is in any way qualified to handle the stuff.

Speaking from experience I can tell you that intial blasting agents like the iodide are no joke - one mistake and it is over!

There are many ways to kill yourself, why are so many people aksing for way that also endanger others??

IMHO topics like these should be deleted for good as they are nothing for people without a license and those that have one don't need an ible for it.

Knowledge is valuable. Attempting to stem any type of information because you don't think people need it is a shallow view point. Here in the US at least, we don't assume people are criminals just because they want to know how to build things that may be dangerous. People that ask questions should get answers, if the answers involve dangerous instructions that's fine as long as its made known so they can approach the project safely. Back in high school we explored nitrogen triiodide in chemistry class, and if you view the link that the author here posted, its fairly common. Instructables is not here to stifle knowledge.

Turns out the part of making has also changed:


1. Engaging in the business of
importing, manufacturing or dealing
in explosives

(e.g., M-80s, M-100s,
M-1000s, selling stolen explosives)
without a Federal license

§ 842(a)(1), 10 years.

2. Receiving explosives
without a license or permit, § 842
(a)(3)(A), 10 years.

3.Transporting or shipping explosives
without a license or permit, § 842
(a)(3)(A), 10 years,

or in violation of the Hazardous Substances Act (HAZMAT),
15 U.S.C. § 1263, Department of


Distributing explosives to
a person who is not a licensee or
permittee, § 842(a)(3)(B), 10 years.

So again: why is there is a need to know these things unless someone is planning illegal activities anyway?

1. Which country do these laws apply to?

2. The only part of this that may affect a maker is part 1, and I hardly think mixing up some of this would count you as a manufacturer of explosives.

3. This would mean every high school chemistry teacher would be put away for 10 years, which also addresses your question about why there is a need to know these things

4. Why would anyone need to know this? This mixture is taught in basic chemistry classes because its educational. It's relatively safe in the sense that it is almost impossible to create large quantities and transport it anwhere.

5. Just because someone is interested in the chemistry of explosives does not mean they are planning illegal activies. After all, there are career paths that deal with explosives, and you have to know you're interested before you obtain a license. There are many creations on instructables that could be used for illegal things. It's up to the user not to do illegal things with them, it's not up to the website, or another person to deny them the knowledge though.

instead of nitrogen triiodide, you know those fun snaps, get a box of them unwrap them and put the rocks in where the nitrogen triiodide is. You will also get a nice loud SNAP improving the effect

tinker2345 years ago
i need to make a exlplosve charge that goes off on impact any ideas for chemicals nmastor of chaous seems to know
use on rough concrete as follows:
Take a tennis ball
Cut a small hole in the top
Cut small pieces of ping pong balls put them in
put match heads inside
Put a wick in the hole
Glue just a bit around it to keep it in
Rub the wick with a bit of quick ignite lighter fluid like zippo
Take a circular piece of flint that is flat
Drill a hole in the middle
Put the wick through the hole put it all the way down to the ball
Super glue it
Throw it the flint will spark if you throw it right the spark will hit the wick quickly igniting it all in the matter of a second or 2
westfw10 years ago
"nitrogen tri-iodide " is so sensitive you wouldn't be able to pick this up for the purpose of throwing it. Traditional fireworks "torpedoes" use a much less sensitive mixture (that it nevertheless scarily sensitive to work with.) Gravel is usually involved to amplify friction or create friction from impact. I believe firefox has a book that includes "ninja-style smoke devices."
If you used a unpure solution of ammonia nitrogen triiodine, it would be slightly more stable. It would still be unstable. I don't think the nitrogen triiodine would ignite the smoke mixture.
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