Smurfs (bizarre)

When I take a holiday in Wales we always listen to "The Smurfs" (Father Abraham in Smurfland) - it's a tradition. Hence the phrase "The Smurfs have finished" meaning "Someone change the record".

If you've not been exposed to this yet, see here:

Then there's "Smurfing beer" - quote: "you don't get drunk and it isn't dear" (It isn't beer)

The Pinoccio song questions - quote "Pinoccio, Pinoccio, why are you made of wood?"

The annoying but up-beat Dippety-Do song:

Looking at the album cover I wonder exactly what happens when the floating-head of Father Abraham appears in Smurfland - do they panic and start singing lest he smite them? (Notice the bad image job where the top of a mushroom-house has been cropped off on the right)

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V-Man7378 years ago
"Schmoll keyhole."
Silly old smurfs.
lemonie (author)  V-Man7378 years ago
I've always heard it as "smokey-hole", but we know better recently.
There's one that starts "Wh----y do people have to fight..." coming around to "De people's vorld is so full of hate, it has to change, before it is too late. Dey shoot viz guns, create so much fear, maybe it will be better by next year?"
That's optimism for ya..?


Ninzerbean8 years ago
Your are very brave to share this tradition of yours. Words sort of escape me here but certain acronyms don't.
lemonie (author)  Ninzerbean8 years ago
Well as I said, it's a tradition. We've got Chas & Dave down there too...

 I like them!
Yes, but what language are they speaking?   I can't understand a word they're saying :-) 
lemonie (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Some kind of "London"...
Try this hit - better production -

Yes, that is much clearer, and the song is a little bit close to home as it were (sounds like I married the one they were talking about ;-) 
lemonie (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
That wasn't intentional, but I was split between that and the 80's novelty hit Snooker Loopy, but that's only really of interest if you used to watch snooker back then...


Of course you'd wouldn't know that :-) 
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