Like the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, only far cooler, here is a house made from a snailshell. (OK it is not a real snail shell, it is a sculpture, but I don't care. It's amazing work.)

A few more pictures here

Picture of Snailhouse
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Goodhart9 years ago
Um, speaking of the Old woman that lived in a shoe there is such a structure (that was once lived in, but then became a shoe store) here in Pennsylvania.

Shoes? Did somebody say...Shoes?

Oh god, that was the creapiest scariest funkiest shoe song ever. The fire hula hooping girls were good though. LOL weirdo twins.
Well, the forum started with a Snail house so....Here is a snail ZOMBIE (for real) and a transformer snail :-)

Ever played Dead Rising?
The Xbox game? No, can't say I have :-)
Mm. Well, you should. The parasite that is in those snails is similar to the one in Dead Rising.
is there a way for me to see this without having to purchase an Xbox system?
Yes. Go to YouTube and search Dead Rising Parasite scene. It's a minor spoiler, though.
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