Sneaking into movies?

Well today i went to the movies with my friends and we saw "get smart" and it was good but then my friends said lets go see another movie and sneak in. They say it is not illegal but i think it is. Also it goes completely against my moral values. Is just getting one ticket and sneaking in illegal? What do you guys think about it?

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Gorfram7 years ago
It's illegal, less so than stealing a Maserati (or even a handful of Mars Bars), slightly more so than stealing a ballpoint pen from the office supply cabinet at work.

If you get caught, the theatre will throw you out. If you get caught often enough that they start to recognize you, they may ban you from that theatre or chain of theatres. And, if you're underage they can always call your parents. :(
(If you have any extracirricular activites at school that depend on "good behavior" (sports, band, whatever), that could get messed up, too.)

I'm such a seriously staiight-laced stick-in-the-mud type that I still feel deliciously, excitingly guilty over the one time I "jumped theatres" almost 20 years ago. I'd gone to see "Reality Bites," which turned out to be 99 minutes that I'm never going to get back

....Annnd... "Of Mice and Men," with Gary Sinise and John Malkovitch, was just starting in the next theatre over.
...Annnd I walked in just as if the FBI, Interpol, and the local SWAT team weren't already out to get me; and sat down just as if I weren't throwing myself adrift upon the seas of fraud, larceny and moral turpitude.
...Annnnd it was great!

Reading the book had just about driven me bugnuts. but then there it all was in the movie. Magnificently done, splendidly realized, just a damned good movie.

So I'm glad I did it, but I'm not likely to do it again. I still feel guilty - but it's that toe-curling delicious sort of guilt that everyone should get to feel at least a little of :).

An Villain7 years ago
I agree with what Kiteman says, but some Cinemas have Free Movies that you can watch in the summer, but they are often older (1-2 Yrs.) But there are several ways you can sneak into a theater, you can have a pair of people get into a fight (loud shouting match) in the lobby, you can sneak in, or you can "blend in" with a group of people that do have tickets and it would seem logical that you would too, or you can just buy some concessions and walk in as anyone else would because often, just seeming casual will do the trick.
Kiteman9 years ago
It's illegal, but you can ease your moral jitters by buying their snacks - it's where most UK cinemas make the bulk of their profit. My sister's local cinema has actually thrown out and banned people for daring to eat food they did not buy in the foyer.

Our local Odeon isn't so bad that way, but you have to walk past staff to get from screen to screen, so watching multiple films would be hard. (But probably not impossible.)
i paid the people in the foyer so i could eat taco bell in there, they didnt mind
Nicely done.
Against moral values: Yes Fun: Yes Stealing popcorn: No
I always notice that you can just sneak in if it's not a weekend. There's never anyone watching. But I'd feel guilt for weeks if I went sneaking in. So I pay my $8 to go see crap movies like The Hulk, hoping for a laugh at least. I only got a headache, though. SCREW YOU, EDWARD NORTON! YOU MAKE THINGS NOT FUN!
I do not like the actor from national treasure, whatever his name his... Nickolas Cage, that's it! I don't like him.
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