'Sniper' rounds.

I've never bothered to make any, so I was just wondering:
How many of you have made them?

Also, any tips on how to easily make them?

EDIT: I decided to make some, and they're a pain to make, but it's worth it. I got 217 ft. for range. I measured on google earth.
Also, I found that if you do it right, you can use duct tape for the fins. I like the duct tape because it's sturdier, and doesn't bend or deform as easily.

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Oh yes sniper rounds are great. They give you much better distance and accuracy. I would never not use a sniper round in a sling shot. I'll get you some pics soon.
travw (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
Ok, cool. Do you use them with your BR?
KILLERK travw5 years ago
i only shoot fin ammo w/ my TR i slightly angle the fins to rifle the rod in flight this keeps the rod stable in wind and prevent other variables from altering the rods path/trajectory i have vids on my TRIFLE page
travw (author)  KILLERK5 years ago
Any tips on how to make them?
KILLERK travw5 years ago
ya but ill it would be hard to explain
travw (author)  KILLERK5 years ago
That's fine, using duct tape half width for fins makes it easier. By a lot.
pls5 years ago
This many:
travw (author)  pls5 years ago
I think you misunderstood me...
I meant: How many of you have made fin ammo?
By the way, the pic is tiny.
pls travw5 years ago
travw (author)  pls5 years ago
Oh, and any tips on how to make them?