Snow Day Homework!

Three out of four of Kitefamily have got a snow day!

Only Roger-X has had to go to school, but #2 son's teacher set him homework!

He had to build a snowman and take a picture of it.

Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery to pile high, so he scraped and swept the snow together to make a picture of a snow man.

He got a little carried away, though - I had to stand on a chair to fit it all into the photo.

Picture of Snow Day Homework!
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Jayefuu7 years ago
Nice. It's huge!

Here's a picture of my friend and I drinking port with our snowman before we put his head on (yes, a fourth ball!).
Kiteman (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
Snowman building in the dark!
Jayefuu Kiteman7 years ago
Of course! To be followed today by BBQing in the snow!
See, it doesn't matter what your age, alcohol and grilled meats can turn any activity into an adult activity! 
lemonie7 years ago
It's super, but as an an adult I wonder about the general position of the figure. It sort of suggests "come and get it" - full apologies are included in this message for me obviously having a dirty-mind...

Kiteman (author)  lemonie7 years ago
It was suppsed to be in the middle of making a snow angel, but we couldn't see it in the snow, so we had to sweep the snow away around it.

The later picture, we think, looks like a cartoon character has run into a door, although our neighbour thinks it looks (looked) like a body under the snow.
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Yes it does look like a body under the snow. Very life-like.

Very cute!!! He doesn't need to fall down because he already has. Less chance of decapitation. I'm going to make one with my grandaughter.  Thanks!!!
=SMART=7 years ago
I had to write an essay ! not fair :(
Ha ha. Tell him nice job!
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