Snow in Iraq, a sign?

Today in Baghdad, Iraq it snowed for the first time in 100 years... some sorta sign?

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Kiteman9 years ago
Good grief, don't tell the JWs!

There's a JW that posts on the BBC who constantly claims that any weather that deviates from Average is a clear sign that we have entered the End Times (he also says that JWs have never predicted TEOTWAWKI...)

He was very pleased to find reports of snow in Australasia in the middle of Summer, until we reminded him that the world is round, and it was Winter round there.

One of my "favourite" predictions for GW is the shut-down of the Atlantic Conveyor (Gulf Stream) - when enough fresh water is released by the Arctic melting, the change is salinity will stop the flow of relatively warm water across the Atlantic. The UK will then gain a climate similar to that in Canada and Moscow (being on the same latitude) - metres of snow every Winter. When kids first hear this, they look forward to it, but then we go through the consequences in a country that can currently get paralysed by a few centimetres of snow.
Goodhart9 years ago
Today in Baghdad, Iraq it snowed for the first time in 100 years... some sorta sign?

That it was "cold" there ? Maybe it is a sign of all the things that are supposed to happen when *e** freezes over? :-)
*e**? Thats... new...
And what the *e** is wrong with saying "hell"!?!
nothing is wrong with any word standing alone, but in certain contexts some find some words, offensive. I normally write it like this however: H3LL
Ahh... I get how that could be almost a pun... I'm assuming you didn't mean to do that on purpose[sic] ;-)
I am a little confused.....
Ignore the sic link... I can't spell purpose and I figured I'd acknowledge I spelled it wrong. But you said "It would be a cold day in hell", if its snowing in Iraq, you could be calling Iraq hell... which I'm sure you didn't mean. ;-)
No, not the country itself, but the situation over there, would be considered that on an individual basis, maybe
Or you could say heck.
Let's see: When heck freezes over....

Hmm, it's just not that same you know ? :-) But seriously, I don't mean to offend.
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