Snowpocalypse! Share your stories and pictures!

Have you been buried by the American snowpocalypse? (Or is it snowmageddon?)

We Brits thought we had it tough recently, but thirty-eight inches?  That's almost a metre!

There are quite a few pictures (more pictures) and stories on the BBC, even another Washington snowball fight (no guns, this time).

What about iblers, though?  Can you get to your workshops?

Picture of Snowpocalypse!  Share your stories and pictures!
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Goodhart7 years ago
I have taken to walking to work, until I can find my car.....which is buried out front SOMEWHERE  :-)
Here are the pics my Wife took (not wanting to step outside)
ellens pics globe20100203_15.JPGellens pics globe20100203_13.JPGellens pics globe20100203_11.JPG
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
LOL, it looks like she's taken pictures of the snow on TV!
She didn't want to open the storm door, which also has a screen over the window  :-) 
DJ Radio7 years ago
We FINALLY get snow after almost 10 years. 
gmoon7 years ago
Here in northeastern OH we got maybe 12-14 in. They didn't plow our street until mid-afternoon the day after, so we were "houselocked." My inlaws near Youngstown had maybe 18''.

A Honda CRV (w/4WD) got stuck right in front of our house...

All told we were lucky--compared to the eastern seaboard (but we're used to it. ;-)

More on the way...
gmoon gmoon7 years ago
Some photos, taken in the afternoon. The sun had already consolidated the wet snow down a couple inches.

The last photo shows the imprint of the undercarriage of the CRV...
Kiteman (author)  gmoon7 years ago
I love that first shot - all those square-cut pathways mean the snow must be perfect for igloos.

So where are the igloo Instructables...?
laxap Kiteman7 years ago
This is our yet unfinished igloo, covered with fresh snow.
IMG_5167 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor).JPG
gmoon laxap7 years ago

Oops--did I knock it over?
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