So.. I got Married on Saturday. [update]



My Wife and I, would like to say thank you for all your kind messages. The sun is shining over the mountains, we have an amazing cottage with crazy wobbly oak floors, and we are both very happy.

I am hoping to get some pictures blogged up on here, both for you all to enjoy, but also to link to my family.

Most of you already know, but tomorrow I am getting married. It certainly has come around alot quicker than I expected, but I did expect it to do that.

The ceremony is at 11.30 in the morning. Then we head off on our honeymoon to the Lake District.

I am really excited, and can not wait. I have just finished packing all my gadgets,  now I need to start packing boring things like clothes and such.

We are taking the internet with us, but mainly so we can do a little geocaching, and keep a keen eye on the weather.

So, wish me all the best, no doubt I will need it. Having said that, I am not one bit nervous. I intend to get ready early enough to squeeze a Left4Dead game in before the ceremony.

The downside is that you will see little of me, the upside is, we are hoping to do a 'How to get married' Instructable, after that, I intend to use my new found space and freedom to beat Kitemans 100 Instructables In less than 6 months.

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Congratulations. I wish you a lifetime or happiness.
One's not much good without the other. ;)
  I DO believe he meant a life time OF happiness  ;-) 
Goodhart8 years ago
May you have many MANY years of consensual creativity ahead of you.
Next Instructable: How to make a family.
OR   The Making of a Maker :-) 
I thought KJ did a collab about that already, but with a different title...
KJ did one on having sex, thankfully, that is not the same as making a family.
Ohhh, I realize now how sex does not guarantee a family.  I wasn't really thinking then... (rub off)
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