So I have been inactive for a while now...

So I have been inactive for a while now. You may have noticed this if I havent been replying to your comments...

Now I am going to be honest. I am getting rather bored of this site. No offence to any staff or anyone who this may offend. There is no new stuff, Im slowly growing out of my Knex, I havent played with it in a while...

And another thing to be honest with... Im addicted to Habbo. Yes. Habbo. SO... Yah...

So I may be on every once or twice a day, but I wont be replying to many comments.

If there is a comment you asked me something on, just tell me in a comment to this and I will check it out. If it is important enough I will reply. If I dont reply, leave a comment on my OB. If I dont reply to that comment on my OB, tell me on here. If I dont reply to the comment on here, tell me on my OB :-P

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TheChemiker7 years ago
Habbo.  your kidding me.
~KGB~7 years ago
i agree with you...
Hiyadudez (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
~KGB~ Hiyadudez7 years ago
yep, its also sad to see you leave, but ill be joining you soon...
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
You are going to get addicted to habbo too!?!? OH NOZ!
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
noooo!!! in addicted to modern warefare2
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
Reflex? cuz im addicted to modern warfare reflex........ And i still  go on instuctables!!!
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
nope, the newest one, and i just getting bored of them, i havent made things in weeks...
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
:( Who am i gonna replace on my top 20 for your spot?
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
dont know, check out knexfreeks forum later...
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