So Many T-Shirts!

Instructables just got in a brand new shipment of t-shirts today.  Being that I get to count and stock them, I decided to take a little bit of extra time and write up a forum topic about it.

Why you ask?  Well let me tell you.  We have a whole lot of extra t-shirts right now, and I think it would be fun to give one away.

So here's the deal: Take a couple of glances at the pictures posted, and let me know how many t-shirts you think we have here at headquarters.  The person who is closest gets a t-shirt (and possibly a couple of other goodies).

Now here's a little fine print.  I know there are a lot of people out there who already have t-shirts and have no desire to have another one.  So for those of you who already have a t-shirt, try to win one for someone else.  Upon wining this little grab bag, I'll pm the user and ask who they want their t-shirt to go to.  The winner is by all means welcome to keep it, but if they already have one, I would hope they will donate it to a user in need, who has always wanted one, but never had the means to get one.

One last thing: I'll give everyone two guesses.  Any more then two and you disqualify yourself from winning.  If anyone manages to get the number spot on, you'll get (what I consider) and awesome grab bag (that I've not yet devised), as well as two additional t-shirts that you can give to whomever.

This package is going to be shipped out Monday afternoon, so all entries need to be in by Monday, 1000 PDT!

Good Luck.

UPDATE 1:  The answer to this query, is 493.  Now it's time to search through the results and see where people are.  Give me a half hour and I'll publish the results.


Surprisingly, no one guessed the exact answer.

TNEN guessed 495, which just beat out KevinMatchstick by 1.  Which makes TNEN our t-shirt champion!
 -I will be contacting TNEN to see if he wants the t-shirt, or if he is going to be giving it to someone else.

For making my laugh, both 9VoltWiseMan and caitlinsdad will get to donate a shirt to someone in need (
fine print: it can't be for them, and who they give it to can't already have one).  So I will be contacting them as well.

Thank you everyone for guessing!  Hopefully I have time during the next shipment to take pictures again!

Picture of So Many T-Shirts!
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StumpChunkman (author)  TNEN7 years ago
Of course!  That was a great guess!
boardin17 years ago
Since 484 is 22^2, it is actually a square number. :) I couldn't pass up the humor of it once I figured out roughly what my guess was going to be.
zieak7 years ago
Speaking of t-shirts... I made sure to bring one of my Instructables shirts with me on a trip last week.  Here I am riding on an elephant in Zimbabwe!
StumpChunkman (author)  zieak7 years ago
That's awesome!
gwyn157 years ago
Kay Dee7 years ago
I'm guessing 1067 t-shirts!
foxmcld7 years ago
i think 445
Haha! Good to know you understand the joke, it's nice I'll be able to give someone a t-shirt!
EDIT: Now I have to decide who to give it to... Hmm...
ME! :D
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