So, What do you despise about archaic societal constructs AKA the systems?

Teh system fails!!!!!

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Camisado8 years ago
1. Homework 2. Dress codes 3. Teachers That's it.... The system fails.
home work seconded sometimes teachers should be screwed, but not all the time.
Why would you want to screw a teacher? You're just sick. jk
there can be some hot teachers
Good one :D
goeon DJ Radio8 years ago
the fact that cops are nothing without guns and backup i got taken to the station because my friend was there
KentsOkay8 years ago
I hate it how people try to hide the truth and call it something else. eg. My school renamed 'homework' with 'extended learning tasks' and PE as 'well being' WTF, it doesn't make any sense.
kelseymh8 years ago
1) Marriage as an economic contract rather than a consensual romantic/sexual relationship. 2) Republican democracy as an oligarchic proxy rather than representative government. 3) Capitalism. Oh, sorry. You people are high school students. You'll learn about this stuff later...
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