So.... What should I do??

Hey guys,

So I have no idea what to build right now. I am 100% out of ideas..
So what do you guys want me to build??  Do you want guns or do you want non-gun things?? If so what...

Please give me some ideas,

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Sorunome7 years ago
Jayefuu7 years ago
Make a bin out of K'Nex. It would just have to hold a rubbish bag in the right position.

Or a rubbish picker? The kind where you squeeze the handle to open and close some jaws.
The rubbish picker has been done several times already, although I haven't seen one with instructions.
Knex have one of those litter pickers in their instruction books.
An Villain7 years ago
Gun mounted Gatling turrets are fun, (oodalumps gatling gun, the knexecutioner single belt, you get the idea.) Those are fun to build also.
A Rhino. Oh right maybe a 3 shot burst rbg? Shape it like a famas!!!!!
onrust7 years ago
Build a Triple Beam Balance and shoot me a picture.
NYPA7 years ago
Try making a part-efficient M16 or M4
No.  Just No.
Owenmon7 years ago
Ball Machine? Roller coaster? Laptop stand? Game disk rack? Rube Goldberg machine? Vehicle? How in the world could of you ran out? The possibilitys and endless with K'nex!
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