So, a girl from our school died yesterday...

A girl from my school was hit by a car on friday. She was grievously injured and passed away after being in a coma on Monday night.
Rest in peace.

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knexarecool7 years ago
That's horrible... I'm so sorry.
I had to tell the wife of one of our top staff members that her husband had been killed. Watching someones face go from smiling good morning to absolute horror, was quite frankly horrible. It happened on the tar road that runs through the farm. He went visiting on a bicycle, was supposed to be back before dark but had a puncture. So he was pushing his bike on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic walking west into that really bad lighting. Darned if he doesn't get hit from behind by a car passing another car. 150km of nothing and then on that spot.....What are the odds?
Jesus.7 years ago
RIP  that's so sad :'(
Seleziona8 years ago
oh my.....
Doctor What8 years ago
KnexFreek8 years ago
 my best wishes to her. rip :(
smilee8 years ago
Rest.....  In.....  Peast.....
Man, That's really sad. I'm so sorry.
Berkin8 years ago
Sorry to hear that.... :'(
Well, with the general feeling in this thread, I have no idea if the situation could be shed in a more positive (I guess) light. At least  she won't have to deal with some of the more ....... uneducated and slow individuals.

And now to perpetuate the sadness, a classmate of mine in high school had cancer and died from it. I'm pretty sure he had it all for years. Hew made it to graduation even though his doctor recommended he not attend the ceremony.
Anyway it was a little bit into my first semester of college I learned that he had it and died from it.
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