So, can you draw??

So, can you draw? If so feel free to post your pictures. I'll start, this is one of my brothers drawings. I can draw too, yet I wanted to post something done by him.

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sweetyjody2 years ago


sumoncps2 years ago

You have realy talented hand.

twilightfox2 years ago


bofthem7 years ago
I absolutly adore this, sir.  You have incredible talent.  You must sell these, do you not?
 You know I never really considered it. I like to draw but it's never really presented itself as a serious source of income.
A friend of mine started showing her stuff around (available art shows, college events, online, anything)  and she is now featured in a legitimate art gallery, getting payed for the people who come to see her work. 
Anyway, what I'm suggesting is just to show your stuff around.  I haven't seen any  your other stuff, but this one is defiantly good enough to make some money.  Good luck to you.
 Thanks for the advice

I've put some prints up for sale at MySoti
zascecs bofthem7 years ago
WOW!!! I've gotta say, this is a very good drawing/painting! I agree with 'Tunesrlife', you could probably make some pretty good money if you kept making more of these. 

I've always liked these kinds of random, cool things.
 Quite the artist, sir!  
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