So uhhhhh....

nobody has anything to say yet? there're like 6 of us here, so who lives in a state/city that has legal weed? san francisco represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jessyratfink10 years ago
It's certainly not legal, but here in Kentucky we certainly produce tons of it. Even the cops do it here.

We're classy. :|

K-9 Cop Charged with Growing Pot

Florida's number 3 cash crop is weed.
Good lord, nearly $4.5 million...

According to that site, it's Kentucky's #1. Can't say I'm surprised, but I at least thought tobacco was a little bigger for us.
That's $4.5 billion.
Beware "official" estimates of the value of illegal drugs. They tend to take street price for the smallest possible unit, and multiply by total amount "seized." That's like saying "hmm. $1 for a 1oz package of Ruffles from the vending machine, so that's $16/lb street value for potatoes, making the US potato crop of 46 BILLION pounds worth $736 BILLION" (that's about 20x the number quoted on the web page above for the value of the grass crop...)
Wildrat westfw7 years ago
Tell me about it.
Oh dear. I didn't see the fine print at the top.

Yay. Yet another reason to be so proud of KY. The home of pot, whiskey and horses! Yeehaw!
Well T'ain't nuthin wrong with horses. ;-)
I personally don't like them. :P They're quite scary.
I was afraid of horses when I was little.
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