So vote, already!

The Hallowe'en contest is open for voting.

Go, vote.

Use your vote wisely, though - click them all, and you devalue your vote - and make sure you go through the whole lot, because there are worthy entries on every page.

(Obligatory spam)

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Goodhart8 years ago
I voted but it was hard to limit it to less then 6-7, really
Well, with 380 Instructables / slideshows entered, I do not believe that there is any harm in that.
=SMART=8 years ago
I voted, A lot
So many great entries !!
JT3OSU8 years ago
There are lot of great costumes in the contest.

I'm partial to this one:
Kiteman (author)  JT3OSU8 years ago
LOL, I quite like that one as well.

(I still wish you'd added a video of you walking in it...)

JT3OSU Kiteman8 years ago
Is that what it will take to get your vote? ;-)
I may have to pull it out of the attic.
Kiteman (author)  JT3OSU8 years ago
Haha, not just my vote - there are thousands of other members to tempt.
(I've already been through the list and voted, and I'm not saying who for...)
Bigev8 years ago
Is it wrong to vote your own? (well, someone had to ask)
Nah, go ahead.

I went through all 377and voted for my favorite 4.  BTW you made the cut, I smile everytime I see your avatar.
But let's get it out in the clear that it is wrong to vote for your own several times. I know you haven't, but the thought crossed my mind. :-P
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