So what are you working on?

What upcoming projects are you working on? I'm busy making more instruments/recording-related equipment. My next three upcoming Instructables are an audio converter, something called an "Electric Kickamastick" and a guitar effects pedal (and have been amassing supplies for a few more projects).

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Ro]x[as8 years ago
Ah well now that this thread has been conveniently revived, I have a few inaugural projects I'm working on. I'm writing a guide to getting the most out of a monitor colour calibrator, building a microphone array for stereo field recording, and trying to make my own caffeinated mints (and maybe an associated guide to purifying caffeine by sublimation, if I can get it to work at home instead of the lab). If people are still following this thread, it would be nice to know how everyone's projects are coming along.
randofo (author)  Ro]x[as8 years ago
Oh. A microphone field recording array is definitely something I am interested in seeing posted. Caffeinated mints sound cool too. Instructables had an intern two summers ago who was trying to make transdermal caffeine patches. We were worried he was going to hurt himself, as he had more enthusiasm for the project than knowledge of chemistry. The projects I mentioned initially have been completed and posted. I'm currently working on making various things out of old computer and broken electronics.
Ro]x[as randofo8 years ago
Oh wow, transdermal caffeine patches sounds pretty wild, but I don't think it would work any faster than sublingual. I'm majoring in biomolecular structure studies, so I do know what I'm doing as far as chemistry is concerned; the only thing is trying to make it work in the kitchen as opposed to the lab.

Music isn't much more than a hobby for me, and this project is just trying to combine it with my electronics fixation. It's pretty simple though, so I think I can get it working.

I finished my first instructable since this morning; my guide to colour calibration. I don't know how many photographers and graphic artists are out there, but since photography is a great interest of mine, and I work part-time in a photofinishing lab, I thought I'd share my ideas.
lemonie randofo8 years ago
Would you have any suggestions for a Canon B95 FAXPHONE? L
hmm.. im working on something that could be useful in every day life... which is 101 uses for soft drink bottles
RadBear8 years ago
I have several ideas bouncing around my head that may become future Ibles: A customized "No soliciting" sign Possibly a fountain made from a waffle iron (If I want to lay out the $$ for a pump) And I'm trying to think of something for the pocket sized contest, but I'm drawing a blank. Non-Ible project I'm contemplating are building a second clamp rack and making a vase out of a wine bottle.
Goodhart8 years ago
fooling around with a 555 heart beat circuit using 2 LEDs, one that comes on low, one on high. I got it to beat properly, but the high LED will not go low ... I know what's wrong, but I am unable to fix it just now....hmmmm
Javin0078 years ago
I'm making an alcohol "penny" stove that's actually really an upgrade from the 1498 identical penny stoves that are currently on Instructables. This one will have a method to put it out (turn it off), a lid for optimal use without wasting fuel, a stand to keep it from burning whatever's underneath it, a grill to set your pot on, a windscreen, and it all goes together into a compact unit that can fit in your (large) pocket while still being sturdy, but lightweight. And other than a handful of cans from around the house and a few wire hangers, you only need the tools to cut the cans, and some JB weld to make it. It all works in my head. Going out to pick up more JB weld and a dremel this afternoon to give it a shot.
Goodhart8 years ago
Let's see: in the works I have the No dedicated IC LED sequencer I am still tweaking; a hack of a Hasbro - Kids Club Burger King toy; a different way to perform heart surgery on a gummi bear; and building a few ELF monitors for the upcoming Maker store, just in case someone actually DOES want one ;-)
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