So what do I do with Sweet Rice ?

I accidentally bought 5lb of "Sweet Rice" (meant to buy short-grain sushi rice.)
How is this prepared and used?  The only recipes I find in my cookbooks are for a very few rather complex deserts (and those are for glutinous sweet rice, which I'm not sure is the same thing...)

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Rice pudding on coconut or normal milk topped with cinamon. Amazing!

This post is a bit old, but I use this site so I wanted to clarify something. Sweet rice is not sushi rice, and generally I wouldn't recommend using it for sushi.

This site explains it a bit more in detail I believe;

To me mochigome is sweet rice, and I'm personally trying to figure out how to make mochi without hammering it out. Have you had mochi before? Have you ever thought to stuff it with vegetables and meats wrapped in seaweed? A portion sized piece would probably cause most to choke if sweet rice was used. It's way too sticky, so I wouldn't think it'd be good to use.

This is a sweet rice;

This is a sushi rice;

Anyway, if I were stuck with a bag of sweet rice and wanted to make something with it, I'd make mochi, maybe even a good daifuku. There's also allot of other specialized things to make with this rice, but those two should be fairly easy for most people.

JanelKitty7 years ago
Well, its time-consuming and may be difficult if you don't know anyone who knows how to make it, but there's a Filipino dessert called Suman. This dessert is made of Sweet rice, coconut milk, and sugar, packaged in a wrap of banana leaves. The packages are boiled, and eaten when they're cool enough to handle; sometimes we sprinkle it with brown sugar or raw sugar... You'll want to look up a recipe for the specifics, but there it is :D Its one of my favorite desserts.
Jayefuu7 years ago
Rice pudding! It's delicious and easy.
Kiteman Jayefuu7 years ago


 Did you never try mine?

lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
You don't like rice-pudding? With a nice tasty-skin on top...

Jayefuu lemonie7 years ago
Mmmmm. And nutmeg.
Kiteman Jayefuu7 years ago
Nutmeg belongs in coffee or apple pie.

Rice pudding though is the [deleted] excreta of a diseased camel's [deleted].
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