Soda Bottle Change Purse

Store your change in this recycled plastic bottle change purse.  Throw this environmentally friendly accessory into your bag.  What a great conversation starter!

Picture of Soda Bottle Change Purse
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catiehade7 years ago
So wHere is are tHe instructions....???
Did you follow the link? Carleyy provide one to the original project from the actual creator.
That is really unique. Now to figure out how to make one...
nickodemus7 years ago
Looks like a great idea for an instructable to me...
It may take a bit of experimentation to find the best method of attachment though.
CrLz7 years ago
Would be cute to store children's nick-nacks. Cool.
zascecs7 years ago
haha, that's pretty neat
JadynT7 years ago
That's pretty neat and durable. It would last forever, right?!