Soda Bottle Skylights

I love ingenuity, so I wanted to share this link to an article on a Brazilian machinist who makes skylights from water filled pop bottles. I'm not sure if these would classify as a budget solatube or a twenty first century deck prism.

There's also a video, but it's in some obscure foreign language. Portuguese i think.
I might add one to my shed...

Picture of Soda Bottle Skylights
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arsah277 years ago
I'm thinking this would be perfect to get more light into my chicken's coop in the winter, as long as I put something in the water (non-toxic) to keep it from freezing.
DrChill arsah276 years ago
try Try Alcohol.
Low freezing temp. and kills microbes.
Deek D7 years ago
Love- and actually have done it in the past- only problem is that the sun eventually breaks down the plastic, causing it to leak, etc.

However, it works in a vertical/wall application, as does cutting and unrolling the plastic from soda bottles in sheet like form.

I have a few diagramed versions and ideas in the indie book I just released.
Anyway- LOVE seeing this kind of stuff!

  Lloyd Kahn just blogged on it too!
How about using glass jars like large mason jars?
Flumpkins9 years ago
Very neat! It looks like a light bulb
That's an amazing idea, honestly. Also really interesting looking. I wonder where else you could use it?