Soft Circuit Build Night 11/12

Instructables build night returns Thursday with a wonderful evening of fun for crafters and hackers alike.

Oh yes. It is soft circuit build night! Bring whatever soft circuit project it is you are working on,
thinking about working on or even not working. If you need inspiration, we will have a number of tools, soft circuit materials and supplies on hand.

This is a great chance to meet and mingle with local makers. Share tips. Gossip. Canoodle (okay... maybe no canoodling).

The event kicks off around 6:00 PM

@ Remake Lounge
Crocker Galleria
50 Post St. Suite
San Francisco, CA
(Ground level near Sutter St. Entrance!)

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impcpro8 years ago
We road BART into the City to attend this but could't find the office. Asked various building officials and didn't have any luck. As a "new be" guess I need better instructions next time. Willing to try again when you have one.
Had a nice dinner in China Town so the night was still a treat, so no loss.
Grathio impcpro8 years ago
For next time, it's right about here (down the steps and immediately on your right.)

At least that's where I left it...

=SMART=8 years ago
Woo robot flag !
Robot needs his antennas back ! He cant hear anything :)
I would save up money to attend a soft circut workshop with you guys.  To me it would be a really cool vacation.Might there be a schedule, the closest airport and some directions and possible lodging places you could post?
Do workshops with you cool dudes and dudettes happen at Maker Faire? I would really love to go to that!
Grathio8 years ago
I was going to post a summary, but it looks like Randofo took the only randophoto this time.

But as always a fun time was had.  And purely by accident (I swear officer!) I learned some stuff.
Grathio8 years ago
Dang, and my canoodler just came back from the shop too.

I've got plans that night but I'll try to get there for the first bit.
Do you live in SF?
Yup, a short walk from Remake Lounge.

And, come to think of it, from the Instructables World HQ.  

Sleeps with one eye open from now on.  Never know what those guys are going to do.
Kryptonite8 years ago
 Ooh! That's tonight! Wait, tomorrow, because in Australia we're a day ahead of America.

Tell me how it goes, sounds great!
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