Soft Circuit Contest - Deadline Approaching!!!

Get your entry for the Soft Circuit Contest in before the deadline: October 11th!!!!!!!

Check our soft circuit channel and guide for ideas and inspiration.

Prizes include Lilypad Arduinos and others brought to you by Fashioning Technology - a fun blog with excellent soft circuit tutorials and resources.

Picture of Soft Circuit Contest - Deadline Approaching!!!
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dandeeman7 years ago
I entered my instructable in the contest yesterday, but it didn't get accepted yet.
rmarchesi7 years ago
I think we'll be a little late..we'll send it in any case
jeff-o7 years ago
Workin' on it! I just received my Inspiration a few days ago and am working hard to get 'er done.
Carleyy (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
jeff-o Carleyy7 years ago
*Phew* finished a day earlier than I thought I would.