Soft Circuit Contest - Next Week!

We are launching a Soft Circuit contest starting next week!

Instructables has a great soft circuit channel  that will provide you will tons of inspiration.  Check out these other websites for tips, tools and ideas.

Fashioning Technology
Soft Circuit Saturday
I Heart Switch

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ChrysN7 years ago
Does it start this week?
Carleyy (author)  ChrysN7 years ago
It was put off for a little bit, but should be up this week! I'll keep you posted!
Did I miss this? I hope not.
JustModIt7 years ago
so...uhh...what exactly is "soft curcuit"?
Think of all the electronics that you have nowadays with rigid circuit boards and mounted in a hard metal or plastic case. Soft circuits are electronics that you weave into fabrics with conductive thread as wires or electronics that you mount to gloves, jackets, dresses and make cool light-up garments. Also hard pushbutton switches are replaced by flexible membrane switches or activated by pressing on plush fabric buttons. I guess if you were to wire yourself up as the Borg aliens, it would be considered a soft circuit. Think of something for the contest! Good luck.
Kryptonite7 years ago
Eek! I don't know what to do! D:
HeyJD7 years ago
Very nice contest idea. Can't wait to see the results.