Software for slicing 3d model into layers for printing, cutting and assembly from card, layer by layer

I've been looking for software to slice up some 3d models I've made in 3ds max, and i know there are Pepakura model unfolders but the shapes are quite curved and a pepakura model wouldn't shape up right. So I'm looking for software that can cut a 3d model into variable layer height for printing on card and assembling like a 3d sculpture ( see Darth Vader - ).

Any ideas?

Jayefuu5 years ago
You want "123D Make". It's meant for laser cutting in thicker materials, but if you have the time to cut out lots of pieces of card, I don't see why you couldn't print then cut with a knife instead of laser cutting. It's free too.
Pink_wolf (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
I'l see how that works thanks a bunch, but if anyone else has more suggestions the more the merrier.
Have you considered a Cricut machine? It could cut layers from graphic drawings that you generate -- slow process but economical and pretty accurate.
There're several plugins for SketchUp which will slice up a model for you, in any plane.