Solar Benches

I just saw this on digg and I thought I would post it here. These benches look pretty cool, but I wonder how well they would work.

Picture of Solar Benches
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In light of the comments, a better idea would probably be to put the solar panels on some sort of covering, to protect it's users from the sun.
Kiteman8 years ago
Aren't they kind of self-defeating? The cells work best on sunny days, but people are more likely to outside and sit on it on sunny days.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
If they're placed in an area where benches are usually slept upon, things might be different? L
. I'm a country boy, so don't have a lot of experience with how benches are used in big cities, but I don't remember seeing many pictures of benches with all the seats taken. Ppl like to leave a little personal space.
. "Gluteal occlusion" would have to be taken into consideration, but shouldn't be that big of a problem in (what I think of as) normal use.
Most city benches I've seen wither are entirely covered in graffiti and stickers or a camped out homeless person.
I guess it depends on the location - a group of friends or family visiting a park would cover a bench, but a group of strangers eating their lunch in a space between office-blocks would likely only cover a third of the bench.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I'm guessing they will work very well. The only problem I see is the protective cover getting scratched, reducing efficiency, over time. . You'll have to bolt them down if you want to keep them. :)
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
That's an awesome idea!