Solar Chimney anyone?

Hi, I have seen so many solar instructables, but none on Solar Chimney. I am not a good DIYer so I have no idea which materials to use and how.

I don't know If I myself will do this or not, but I thought the great DIYers on this site might find it a great funand usefull project. So I post it here in the forum.

Happy DIYing! :-)

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vtbeachldy7 years ago
I thought the whole thing was terrific and I think buildable on a local scale. (The one in Spain was gynormous.) Why not attached to a geodesic dome? Anyone have ideas on where to get smallish turbines?
Don't they need to be about a kilometer tall?
aeromancy8 years ago
 I wonder if it would be possible to make it on a smaller scale....
kamathln (author)  aeromancy8 years ago
Yeah. Like just a small metallic chimney from the ventilation, heated by a solar concentrator that keeps the air circulating. I was wondering that too.
Kiteman8 years ago
Dang - I have this very idea on my to-do list.

It's been there for over a year.

It's been in the back refrigerator of my mind long enough to grow mold,I've never gone anywhere because of three factors, local climate,THE WIFE, code enforcement.

~sigh~ Francis Bacon was right, mmmMMH  Bacon.

What did Francis Bacon say about this?
Besides "Eat me, I'm scrumptious!"
"A man who hath wife and children gives hostage to fortune".
Are you sure that wasn't just in a fortune cookie he had?
My main restrriction is the shed - I'm afraid that it will fall down ifI drill large holes in the side.
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