Solar Generator Kit

We're now offering solar panel kits - 45 watt, 65 watt, and 85 watt - when combined with a battery pack makes a great solar generator for emergencies or for fun.

Solar Pax generators are the 'bigger brother' of the Qwik-Solar.   Solar Pax has very minimum assembly - and everything is already wired with quick connects.  Use to charge any battery pack with a 12 volt outlet.  We make these kits in Ohio.

We set up a 'Mini-Catalog' on our website to make ordering easy.

And we put together a page on our other site "Lamp Light from Sunlight" you might enjoy - it shows a 'Solar Pax' from 1954.  

Update:  We've changed some domain around to better reflect our solar generator line up - the 'lamp light from sunlight' link above is active again.

Picture of Solar Generator Kit
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Jonlo (author) 5 years ago
Big Update for 2012 - so I started a new thread for our Solar Power Kits Here
whats the cost?
Jonlo (author)  Ilija Miljkovac5 years ago
Hi llIja,
Qwik-Solar Kits range in price from $595.00 up to $1,550.00, depending on panel size and power pack. Just updated our site with the new 2012 models:

We also offer SolerPlex - permanently installed home solar power kits:

Last, we'll be offering business opportunities soon for those that want to offer fully assembled solar generators from our kits - We'll have more information on this in the next few weeks.
Jonlo (author) 6 years ago
Big Update -

Qwik-Solar is no longer a kit - it's now a plug n go, ready our of the box portable solar generator...

However, our SolerPlex home solar power plants are home package kits - and with our patent pending technology - makes it more affordable than ever for home solar.
qopm6 years ago
It seems Google is showing more interest in investing solar related
projects. Refer
Jonlo (author)  qopm6 years ago
A lot of companies are - we have a patent pending solar power plant - SolerPlex - for homeowners - looking at a end of May release.

But in celebration of Earth Day, we've updated Qwik-Solar as a complete, new, and ready to go solar generator - with a discount for fans -
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