Solar Panel 12V regulator

Currently i am working on a 12V solar panel. the solar panel will be charging up the battery of 12V7AH. The problem is that by using the solar panel,the voltage often to be fluactuating down until 10V. How can i make the voltage remain constant at 12V?

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Solaron5 years ago
Build it to put out 15-16 volts instead of just 12 volts. The additional volts will not be enough to fry the battery and it will compensate for lower light conditions or fluxuating voltage.
sha037 years ago
can somebody post a manual on how to make 12v voltage regulator for my solar panel. my bulbs keep on burning out after an hour of operation. thanks much.
I don't know much about electronics but a DC/DC converter might be good. You can even get some that is both a step-up and step-down voltage regulator. 

This would work for small things:

and this for bigger things:
guyfrom7up7 years ago
check out maxim-dallas.  They give out free samples.  Find a boost chip under the power section and read through the datasheet.  Find one that suits your needs
haizad86 (author) 7 years ago
i am using a 12V7AH battery as the back-up battery. for the step-up arrangement, what IC or configuration can you suggest.
This is a "go-search" thing, but you see these:
That's a basic step-up. Searching "12V fluorescent ballast" will find you much bigger bump-ups, but the principles are the same.
I'm not going to design this, but people might help you with it if you get a basic plan together and post a new topic.

haizad86 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i see..thanks for the input...appreciate it very much
I've half-built a step-up, I've got a lot of regulators... I suppose I should get a solar panel.


Keep us updated on what you do.
lemonie7 years ago
To keep the voltage up, you need good strong light. You might think about a step-up-step-down arrangement whereby you boost the voltage by ?40-50% then regulate it back down. You'll lose energy in this, but if you're going to be charging a 12V battery you'll probably/definitely need more than 12V anyway - what battery do you have and what's your panel spec'?