Solar Power Blinds

Im just posting this as a thought,cause I thought it would be cool if you had some blinds on say the south side of your house and you glue or attached strips of solar panels to the out side facing panles and you would turn them to the sun I know its possible and you could even lift them up

Picture of Solar Power Blinds
kcls7 years ago
That's a pretty cool idea. Kind of like a natural alarm clock. When the sun comes out in the morning, the blinds lift up. When the sun goes up over the house as it starts to get later in the day and it is getting hotter, the blinds would go down.
RelientOwl (author)  kcls7 years ago
Ya and wouldn't be cool if they tilted toward the sun with the original turning mechanism using a solar pv tracker
RelientOwl (author) 7 years ago
ya wire them all together but they could follow the strings
lemonie7 years ago
It's a good idea, but you might need to replace the cords.