Solid State Sensors? (Very Edited)

What properties of an environment can be measured with solid state sensors? Specifically, I am thinking of a project requiring a suite of sensors-on-chips that can measure their immediate (dry) environment and pass the data to a control unit.

So far, I know of temperature, magnetism, radiation, acceleration and light (a camera chip).

Are there any other (reasonably priced) solid state sensors, and where could I find them (either new, or reclaimed from something else)


OK, so I thought I could be vague about my questions and then surprise everybody with a working satellite.

Turns out I'm not so clever as I thought.

I'm trying to recreate Sputnik on a tiny budget. Something that could be made by Joe Public, without having to rely on grants or Lottery funding.

Sputnik weighed nearly as much as I do, but all it did was measure temperature and pressure, then send beeps that changed if the temperature or pressure went outside a certain range. I know it has been outdone by students with CubeSats, but they still cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I thought that it should be possible to recreate (and out-do) Sputnik's capabilities on a single board, a simple programmable control chip taking in the data from a set of sensor-chips encoding it somehow, then passing it to a transmitter to be beamed to Earth.

I thought - still thinking micro-budget - that the whole thing could be cased in a short piece of sealed PVC tubing, since PVC is radio-transparent.

In my head, in fact, the satellite looks like a relay baton, but shorter.

Am I being stupidly optimistic?

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Firebert0109 years ago
Sounds cool, but you'd also need a heckuva powerful antenna to transmit from low orbit. With antennas comes batteries, and before you know it, the whole satellite is too heavy to lift with weather ballons... You'd require a lot of R&D to get this done. You don't have to clear it with NASA, do you?
He's British. He wouldn't have to clear it with NASA in any event.
Ah yes, my mistake. You seem to be correcting my a lot lately...
is she stalking you again ? LOL
It appears that way =P

Kiteman (author)  Firebert0109 years ago
Hey, find your own stalker, Adrian is mine!
Go ahead, you can have her. I'll take bumpus and we'll call it a day.
um, really ? hmmm
NO! This is the first time I've spoken to Firebert! EVER!
I'm sorry....I was just teasing a bit
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