Solve this logic puzzle if u can!

Here the puzzle:


Questions: Imagine that you have the layouts of 4 coloured cubes(ABOVE), named A, B, C and D. When the cubes are placed in (alphabetical) order in a straight line, and it is viewed from any horizontal or vertical position (front, back, top, bottom, left, right), there are always four different colours seen.
Given that when I pick a corner of A, the 3 sides connected to it read "653", find the same orientation of B, C and D as 1 string of numbers. For example, "152421563".

foxit9 years ago
I think this is an erroneous puzzle. I've spent hours trying to solve it, eventually I realized that it cannot be solved.
bigmoney (author) 9 years ago
foxit9 years ago
Hi. Sorry bigmoney, but I don't get what is the task in your puzzle. Describe it in greater detail, please. How comes that to pick a corner of A? And the 3 sides connected to it read 653?