Some Awesome Nerf Gun Ideas!!!

  I need some ideas for nerf guns and you might just be able to help you, me, and everyone else. I have some problems and you might just have the exact. Please don't put any spam, junk, or something that's stupid and lags my computer and anyone else.

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JackBF3 years ago

they should make a gun that has a trigger for water and would also have a special sight and bullet that finds people in the nerf vest.An attachments Asa knife that you can attach and detach.And it would include a big clip and it would have some of the nerf vests,at a price of $56.99.

Are you planning on making one youreself?
lil larry (author)  vroom...vroom...5 years ago
Nah, I have an over-powered pellet gun. Nerf isn't my thing anymore.
I'm with you. Little foam darts can get boring sometime. The sulution... Paintball! I have a couple of cheap ones that are way better than nerf.
Bigger is better!
themoose645 years ago
Nerf grapling hook!
dquintero5 years ago
i forgot the laser targeting
dquintero5 years ago
Nerf should make arm gun, you slide it on your arm it extends to fit any arm and it does rapid fire
Hazard™5 years ago
If you have nitefinders you should add an extra spring to them and give them a coupler and speed loader.
lil larry (author)  Hazard™5 years ago
yeah ive done tht to my longshot but then the tube inside shattered to peices. it might work on the nightfinder better because its more durable.
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