Some Videos I think You Guys Should See

While this may not directly relate to K'NEX, I notice a lot of stuff happening here in the K'NEX forums that are talked about in these videos. Please watch closely, and enjoy 'cause all of those videos are great.

Come on, you know you do some of these...

Everybody does this...

And this...

People who cuss on the internet really do sound stupid. "Profanity is no substitute for wit."

And what is up with all this "swag" mumbo jumbo too? Swag comes from the word swagger meaning: "walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way..." I don't think that swag means what you think it means...

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oodalumps4 years ago
I thought youtube was blocked for you?
It is blocked, but as long as my parents put in the code, I can get on.
Wow, your parents disabled youtube? :O
Because if you don't filter your kids life they will become a druggie god hating murderer. I thought everyone knew that.
Not necessarily. It is always good to protect your kids.
Just parent well and instill good values, but don't control your kids and make choices for them. I feel like the real world is going to be a big shock for you.
"The eyes are the lamp of your body" Matthew 6:22. You can try to instill good values in your kids, but sometimes they don't care. If you don't believe in God's standard of morality, than who's to say what's right and wrong? If you believe it's the choice of each individual human being to decide what's right and wrong, than why can't kids look at whatever they want if they don't see it as wrong?
Hopefully being a normal functioning human being will keep you doing the right things in life. If you can't do that, you may be a sociopath. And yes kids aren't mature enough for everything, but that's when good parenting comes in. But completely censoring your kids life well into their teenage years isn't helpful to anyone. I'm not really a believer and I've had basically unrestricted internet access since I was 14 and guess what? I know what's right and wrong and how I should act and such. I'm not a messed up immoral kid.
Dude, being a normal human being means you want to do wrong, but again, it is impossible for us to argue about this, as you and I see the world differently.
Huh that's weird. I must be an outstanding special person then, because I enjoy helping people and being nice. I've never been compelled to do wrong. If you think that doing wrong is normal, you might want to see a therapist.
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